Fashion Resolutions




2014 has come to an end; another year is here. As we welcome the year, let us welcome it with our hopes of better future, not only  for ourselves but also for other people. Of course, as we start the year, let us also take note of the things we want to change and the things we need to change — even fashion-wise.

Therefore, before we officially start this year, let us make our own fashion resolutions:

In Refinery 29, the author mentioned 8 style resolutions we have to make right now. My favorite among the eight mentioned resolutions are given below. These are excerpts from the article published, and all copyrights belong to the author of the article from Refinery 29:

1. Stay weird. Speaking of your dream item, what does it look like? Is it a neutral color or something unique and quirky? Whatever your response, we encourage you to keep it unexpected. Don’t be afraid to pick a polka dot over a solid, choose the overly oversized instead of a fitted cut, or wear a piece that’s truly statement-making. Let your fashion freak flag fly this year — and all the rest!

2. Value your basic. Whether it’s the main fixture of your wardrobe or simply plays a supporting role, the basics are important. Resolve to replace any gray T-shirts, black jeans, or white low-top sneakers that you’ve worn to bits. Replace them with basics that can stand up to months or years of wear. Since these are the kind of items you buy regularly — though, hopefully, not too often — look for ethically made brands, such as Everlane, Zady, and Cuyana.

3. Put care in the storage. We know how easy it is to let clothes pile up as the week goes on. Monday’s silk shirts are crumpled with Wednesday’s jeans, and jackets hang on every available edge. But, that’s no way to treat the clothes you worked so hard to purchase! Make it a point to store everything properly. Invest in sturdy hangers, extra drawers, and a shoe rack — whatever will keep your wardrobe space organized and your clothes in the best possible condition.

This also means finding a proper storage place for out-of-season clothing. Pack up whatever you’re not currently wearing in a dry, cool space.

Here, I have stated my favorites (and may be my own fashion resolutions) as I approach another year. What’s your favorite and why? Tell us in the comment section below!

Designer Sale for Women

Christmas time is a time to share our love! as the song further goes: “Come and join the best time in the world…” Yes, it is true that Christmas season is a time for glad tidings. But who says it is all that Christmas has to offer?3Dec gilt store

This Christmas season, treat yourself and your women friends with designer accessories and items that are discounted but still luxurious — definitely meets your standards.

3Dec gilt features its Designer Sale for Women — from bags to shoes and from blouses to dresses, has you covered . Spend less for more with the designer brands and labels, especially now that parties and gatherings are everywhere. You don’t want to run out of richoutfits, do you?

So what are you waiting for, enjoy gifting yourself and yourselves from Brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Delman, Butter, Porsamo Bleu, and  more are up for grabs in discounted prices at this website. Items like sweaters, bags, watches, earrings, handbags, wallets, blouses, dresses, pumps, flats, and whatever you could think of are available here.3Dec gilt shoes 3Dec jewelry 3Dec gilt shoes and bag


You wouldn’t want to go somewhere else until you’ve gathered everything you wanted for your December parties.

This is literally heaven on Earth.

Christmas Ideas from Coach

Are you having a difficult time deciding what to buy your girlfriends this coming Christmas? You are not alone. I am too. Thankfully, COACH has given me some great ideas for the season. There is no need to fret or worry because COACH has got you covered — from bags to clothing and to everything in-between. I am sure you will find a few items that would fit your present ideas in mind a regards giving gifts this season to your girlfriends.

Here are four COACH you would surely fall in love with:

COACH Box Leather Universal Wallet

COACH Box Leather Universal Wallet

This is a combined wallet and phone case in one piece.  NO need to bring too many cases! This hands-free design is crafted in luxe textured leather with a durable finish and an elegant snap tab closure. Neatly boxed for giving, it has precisely aligned pockets inside to hold cash, cards and IDs. This also has 11 card pockets, and it comes with a COACH box. Perfect for giving!

COACH Campbell Leather Hobo

COACH Campbell Leather Hobo

This leather hobo has a divine sophistication and is made of premium leather construction that guarantees years of pleasurable use. It comes in a rustic or semi-faded blue, but other colors may be available. This gift is best for your girlfriends who are not so picky with bags. Why? Becuase this COACH bag is an all-purpose bag. You can use it to work, on a date, for trips, or other agenda.

COACH Charleen

COACH Charleen

This COACH flat sandals has colorful straps in an intriguing mix of leathers. Such straps create a striking visual on this barely-there, nude-colored flat sandals. The elegant design is finished with custom Coach hardware and a smooth leather footbed.

COACH COACH Love Eau de Parfum Spray

COACH COACH Love Eau de Parfum Spray

This is a multipurpose gift as well. It has a soft, dewy petals and lush, fresh greens romance sensual woods, luscious caramel and warm skin musk for a scent as unforgettable as the moment you fall in love. With this gift, your girlfriend might just be fallen in love with all over again.

Fun Fact: Most Expensive Clothing

Tis the season to be jolly.

Thus, it’s also the season to look glamorous, sophisticated, and what-not. Okay. Okay. Every season should be a reason to be beautiful and elegant. Therefore, Christmas or not, you would always find a reason to buy yourself a new dress — or maybe two to three pieces of dresses.

Before the year ends, let us give you the world’s most expensive piece of clothing. It is actually a piece of gown by one of the world’s most famous singer — Marilyn Monroe.

According to Time, Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday Mr. President” Dress was sold in 1999 with a winning bid of $1,267,500.

“When Marilyn Monroe delivered a sultry “Happy Birthday” serenade to President John F. Kennedy on May 19, 1962, the blonde bombshell wore a flesh-colored, curve-hugging, jewel-encrusted dress so tight and sheer that, according to legend, Monroe was sewn into the gown and wore nothing under it. The one-of-a-kind sheath was purchased in 1999 by the aptly named Manhattan-based collectible company Gotta Have It! after the dress was put up for auction by the widow of Monroe’s acting coach, Lee Strasberg. When asked by reporters why he would spend a fortune on a piece of fabric that originally cost $12,000, company president Robert Schargen proclaimed that he would have paid twice that: “We stole it,” he boasted (Time).”

Photos of the dress are shown below:

gown3 marilyn_monroe

December Sleepwear

“Baby, it’s cold outside” she said.

“Baby, Let us shop for you some sleepwear and let’s stay in afterwards instead,” he said.

Off they go to Shoppinglandia and strolled he streets until they spot a fashion store that sparkled with sale signs. Without thinking twice, they went inside and discovered that the name of the strore was GAP, and they are presently offering sleepwear/loungewear sales.

So the woman, to her delight, and of course with her man’s permission, went on a shopping spree. She bought several pieces of sleepwear/loungewear. To be exact, she bought two bottoms and three tops. She was beaming with joy and gladness, and although the man knew this would be another luxurious price to pay, he didn’t mind for he knew her woman was the happiest on Earth at that very moment.

Long story short, they paid for the pieces, walked their way home, stopping by a store for a cup-to-go cappuccino, and cuddled their night away.

But, wait, that’s not the end of this really short story. Upon arriving home, the woman, who was so eager and excited, opened her shopped bag and showed her man what she had. Then, they both saw the following:

Boucle turtleneck sweater

Boucle turtleneck sweater

cozy french terry sweatshirt

cozy french terry sweatshirt

isle leggings

isle leggings

printed poplin pants

printed poplin pants

pure body longsleeve tee

pure body longsleeve tee

Satisfied with the designs she picked, she first chose the pure body longsleeve tee and paired it with her isle leggings and waited for her partner to lay in bed beside her, and when he did, he said:

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” he said.

“I know. Let’s just stay in and cuddle the night away,” she said.


Winter Essentials for Women’s Outfits

December is already here. That means, there will be more colder days and more reasons to shop clothing for layering. Keeping warm is very important. However, being fashionable while staying warm is of the same importance — for some women that is. Thus, as we approach December, we are giving you the essentials for layering that you can use. December is fashion month, just like all the other months of the year.

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny JeansSkinny jeans is a staple for the season. The best colors for the skinny jeans are those that can be paired with anything — something neutral or in the shades of black, white, and/or gray. You can wear it also with any kind of footwear — like flats, sandals, boots, sneakers, etc. You may want to check out Buckle for ideas and styles and for branded skinny jeans.

2. Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Long sleeve t-shirt, especially plain-colored ones and thin ones, are very easy to style. Thus it is not only a layering piece during winter season but also a staple any time of year. Celebrities like Beyoncé loves to wear long-sleeve t-shirt and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens never leaves her long-sleeve t-shirt behind when having a Bohemian inspired outfit. For brands like Rachel Zoe, Eight Sixty, Skies Are Blue, d.RA, and others, check out Piperlime.Long-Sleeve T-shirt

3. Printed Scarves

Printed Scarves

Printed scarves will also work in two ways: keeps you fashionable and keeps you warm. For printed scarf design by designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Missoni, and Burberry, visit Net-a-Porter!

Thanksgiving SuperSale

Thanksgiving is here! Guess what? Just as we gather with our friends, relatives, and families to give thanks for all that we’ve got this year, both the good and the bad, our favorite designer labels also have decided to have a super sale to thank as for our patronage! What’s even more is that the sale lasts for more than one day. How cool is that?

Check out this article from E! and gather more information about this supersale! It’s an A-Z guid for the Black Friday, which, of course, comes after the Thanksgiving day! Enjoy shopping ladies. Don’t forget to grab some fashionable clothing too for your family and friends!

Here are some sneak peeks!

H&M: Get free shipping on orders over $50 using code 2695. On Friday, the first 100 shoppers at each store will get scratch-off gift cards up to $300.

Rebecca Taylor: 30 percent off sale items online and 30 percent off dresses and sale when you shop in-store.

Macy’s: Shoppers have access to deals in pretty much every section of the store

Check out below for more information on that super sale!

Although the image is just a prediction this year from DealNews, there is actually no harm in checking those brands out and find out what they have instored for you this Thanksgiving and onward.

Remember, brands stated above — Aeropostale, American Eagle, Lands End, L.L. Bean, Jos Bank, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, REI and Backcountry — are just the predictions. I know there will be so many more brands who have announced a Thanksgiving sale! Even online shops, including eBay, Amazon, and more!

Fashion Sale

Thanksgiving Outfits for Your Little Girls

Hello, there, women! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I bet you already have outfits of your own. However, what about your little versions? Are they prepared for the upcoming Thanksgiving? Have you chosen their outfits as well? If yes, then good…excellent! If not, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered.

Rare Editions Girl’s Thanksgiving Dress 

Isn’t this dress adorable? Rare Editions has come up with a thanksgiving dress for your little girl. This brown corduroy jumper dress is seemingly a soft dress with a turkey applique and orange dot ribbons accenting the shoulder straps and hem of jumper. Mock turtleneck top has orange and white stripes. This dress can be worn by your little girl come Thanksgiving gathering. If she already has an outfit for Thanksgiving, then she can wear this on Christmas or on any other Holiday. All I know is that this outfit is a must-have.

Nov Rare Edition Thanksgiving Dress

Mud Pie Thanksgiving Set Turkey Jumper Dress

This adorable set is from Mud Pie’s Gather Round collection. Also a corduroy, this jumper features a classic turkey appliqué, a functional front pockets that your little girl would surely love, and ric-rac and pom-pom trimmed hem. Included are cotton, footed tights that are adorned with “Gobble” written in many colors. The jumper has buttons on the back. This outfit will surely be adorned by other kids during Thanksgiving, and I bet that your little girl will surely thank you for buying her this amazingly cute outfit.

Nov Mud Pue Thanksgiving Set Turkey Jumper Dress

For even more cuteness visit the The Find.

Fall Must-Haves (Not Too Late)

fall must have items1. Black heel boots: EVERY WOMAN LOVES A PAIR OF BLACK BOOTS. There I said it. To be honest, black booties are not a fall-only thing. In fact, it is a fashion necessity, so to speak. It can be worn at any season of the year, for as long as you’ve got your imagination wander as regards your fashion style. Just remember one thing: If you already have some pairs of boots in your closet, then give it away — it’s time for some upgrade. If not, then keep it — the more, the merrier.

2. J Crew statement jewelry: As they say, it’s all about the statements baby. Guess what? Jewelry are a good to make a statement or emphasize one. Sport a simple look. Add some jewelry. Boom! You’ve got it right. You’ve just made a statement. The more kinds of jewelry, the more statements you can make. Therefore, have some varied jewelry ready for your everyday look.

3. Elie Saab print blouse: Why have some printed blouses on fall? Simple, it’s crisp and clean and speaks a lot of fun. What’s amazing with this Elie Saab printed blouse is that it can act as a layering piece or you can wear it as is. So, for fall, you can wear it as is. On winter, you can add a tank underneath it or add a sweater above it. See? It’s a win-win situation. You won’t have regrets.

4. Balmain pleated faux leather skirt: Play with some leather. Unlike ages ago, leather has since upgraded and it has done some good on women’s fashion life. This Balmain faux leather skirt is great for work or a night out. Here’s the trick: pair it with tights on work and remove the tights afterwards on your way to a girls’ night out. Sounds good, yes?

5. Whistles pink coat fun fur: Add some style to your coat. Make it furry. Nothing says glamour quite like fur. Let them know how fashionable you could be anytime of the year.

There you have it: five must-haves for the fall (that can be used in all other seasons of the year).

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Everybody wants to dress up a little bit for Thanksgiving — that time of the year where the whole family and even some relatives and friends gather and have a good time. So, to help you out in making that crucial decision, we have come up with rich and luxurious outfits. These three outfits posted here are a personal choice, but you can scan through Glamour’s Holiday Outfit Ideas: 10 Festive Looks to Wear on Thanksgiving to see more Thanksgiving outfit ideas. You are sure to love them!

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is a great designer. Every time the a new outfit is released, you are sure to be wishing you’ve got the time and, of course, the money to go and grab one instantly. This monochrome outfit is not an exception.

The outfit is made up of a classic and slim pencil skirt and a chunky sweater that allows you to play with your imagination. Since this monochromatic theme gives you a free canvas, you can plau up with the accessories. Accessorize all you want, so to say.

Another idea on where to get your monochrome look: M Missoni Classic Pencil Skirt, Equipment Crewneck Sweater, and Juliet & Company Etoile Necklace.01-olivia-palermo-monochrome

Emma Watson Classic Look

If you wish to make your Thanksgiving more classic, then you would definitely love Emma Watson’s classic look. You only need to remember this simple rule: “Stick to solids in neutral tones, but style a silhouette that consists of a long, chic skirt and a crisp button-down.” Don’t add too much jewelry. Instead, just find that great necklace, and that’s it! You not only look classic but also elegant!

Check out By Malene Birger Tareza Silk-Blend Maxi skirt, White Button-Down Shirt by JCrew, and Pilgrim Gold Torq Necklace.07-emma-watson-classic look

Stand Out in Black

No one goes wrong with black. Even Jennifer Aniston in an all-black wear does us proud. From a simple pleated skirt and a black top to a maxi dress or a layered black leather, you’ll never go wrong with black.

If you wish to sport Jennifer’s black outfit, grab these: Ocaria Heels, Miniskirt With Front Pleat from Zara, and a H&M Jersey Top.17-jennifer-aniston-stand out in black

Thanksgiving is not only a time for a gathering but also a chance for you to show your fashion sense and style! You go, girl 🙂

Already have a Thanksgiving outfit in mind? Share it with us!