Designer Shoes for Every Woman

Women’s shoes, designer especially, has the capability of changing the way we look – our overall formation. However, let’s focus on the designer trainers available in the market today! Let’s start off with five trainers from different designer brands and see if you’ll not want to have a pair for your own.

HOGAN Hogan Class Hi-Top Sneaker

This shoes gives you the look you want to achieve when wearing casual attires like shorts and shirts. You can mix and match this sneakers with any casual look to give you that “bad-ass” chick look. Also, you can pair this with a fit bottom and a loose top – like a minishort and a loose t-shirt folded on the sleeve.

DSQUARED2Dsquared2 Chain Detail Hi-Top

Just like the Hogan trainer, this shoes also looks perfect with shorts and shirts, but with a twist. This is more suitable for those who want to achieve the “girly” look without having to wear dresses and stilettos.

On the other hand, you can pair this shoes with a skinny jeans and a tank top of your choice. You will still be able to achieve the girly look you want.

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Brunello Cucinelli Lace Up Trainer

This can be used for jogging, if you wish, or walking. You can also use this shoes with a straight-cut pants and a decent top of your liking. This is for women who are not so bad ass but, at the same time, not so girly.

To put simply, this one is for the sporty chic and for those who are not so concerned with their fashion style. This one is for the normal girls who do not wish to make any fashion statement or are still trying to figure out their own fashion style.


Chloé Suede, Leather, and Canvas Wedge Trainer

Need I say more? The look of this trainer already gives you a clue as to who should wear them. This fits perfectly well with miniskirts and sexy tops. Of course, you can experiment with designs of your liking and make your own fashion statement.

GIVENCHYGivenchy HDG Logo Skate Trainer

Lastly, if you are the kind of girl who likes to skate or who wants to achieve the skater girl look, then getting hold of this shoes would be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your fashion and styling career.

These five shoes are for different kinds of women, but, of course, you can get hold of all of them if you have the money or if you’re into collecting designer shoes. All of them come in different colors and sizes to suit every kind of women in the planet.

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