Be a March Bride with Eddy K

Wedding Gowns for the March Bride

Are you getting married this March or do you dream to become a March bride? Then, for sure, by this time, you are already scooting for different gowns that you can wear during your wedding day! Remember, you’re wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event (or not for some), so better make it the most memorable one!

The following are some of the famous wedding gown from Eddy K.

Founded in 1994 in Milan Italy, Eddy K. is and Italian bridal company with a long rich history. From sophisticated couture gowns to elegant destination dresses, Eddy K’s attention to detail flatters all figures and offers styles for any taste or special occasion.

Check them out, and maybe, you’ll find a gown that you would want to wear on your wedding day.

RO_Mar_Eddy K2 RO_Mar_Eddy K3 RO_Mar_Eddy K4 RO_Mar_Eddy K5 RO_Mar_Eddy_K1

I wanted my wedding gown to be something simple and sexy at the same time, so if it were me, I’d choose something similar to Kate Middleton’s except that I would have a few alterations to make it look sexier and stunnier. What about you? What do you plan to wear on your wedding day?

Photos from Eddy K’s Facebook account.

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