August Summer Loving

Hello Summer; hello sunshine. Its time to say your greetings to barbecue nights and sun tanning lotions. Best of all, it’s time to say “hi” to these summer rich outfits a you welcome them to your summer wardrobe.

Karla Colletto Oasis Colorblock One-Piece

Karla Colletto Oasis Colorblock One-Piece

You plan to go swimming, so you buy this Karla Colletto oasis colorblock one-piece suit. You will wear this for swimming, of course, o for sun bathing. This is not a two-piece suit, but it looks like one. So, don’t be deceived, but fool someone else with this smart-designed swimwear.

Kate Spade – Flatiron Nylon Sophia Grace Baby Bag

Kate Spade – Flatiron Nylon Sophia Grace Baby Bag

Now, you need to bring things when you go swimming right? You need to have a bag for your tanning lotion, your after-swimming outfit, and all other stuff. Correct? So why not use this multiple-use Sophia Grace bag by Kate Spade? Yes, you need them. So go ahead and buy yourself this bag for the summer escapes.

Kate Spade – Kerri Dress

Kate Spade – Kerri Dress

Oh, as you shop for this Kate Spade, you saw this Kerri dress in pink. You thought: I need this. I can wear this after I take a swim and have lunch or dinner with my hubby or friends. It’s bright; it goes well with yellow dollies. So, on your way to the  counter, get one of this dresses too. You won’t regret it.

Kate Spade  Model: Angelique/S

Kate Spade
Model: Angelique/S

Finally, your summer outfit won’t be complete with a pair of sunglasses, and since you’re in a Kate Spade shop, go ahead and look for a pair. Try Angelique/S. This frame possesses a cool color combination that screams “Summer!” This frame would look great on a woman of any age.  The mauve colored face posses a cat eye shape with double stud details.  The lens is a brown gradient tint.  The temples are turquoise in color.  The left temple has a gold logo plate with “Kate Spade New York” imprinted closer to the face.

Oh, you’re done? Let’s go swimming!

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