All Set Up for Summer

Are you in the rush for some summer escapade, but don’t have any remarkable summer outfits yet to throw into your suitcase – left alone your wardrobe? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we have for you three sets of summer outfits you can grab for your summer sweet or wild escape! Read on and enjoy the ride!

Featured in this article are the Clube Bossa 2013 Summer collections. The photos are taken from the Facebook page of Clube Bossa. Guilherme Vieira, the name behind CLUBE BOSSA, is a pioneer in his field. A self-tough fashion innovator, Guilherme has created a high profile beachwear brand, recognized by the highest names in the international fashion world for the level of detailing and quality of the product he develops.
The swim wears included in this collection speaks life, vibrance, energy, and enthusiasm. From light-colored two-piece suits to elegant one-piece suits, Clube Bossa never fails to amaze women with these amazing collections.
I would love to wear these swimsuits everyday, except for one problem: my body figure is not suitable for two-piece suits. If you know what I mean. But do not fret if your body structure is not as slender or as slim sas those in wearing these two-piece suits Always for Me also has something instored for women like. Yay!






The Always for Me summer collection makes sure that women who have medium-to-large body build will also have their share of fun this summer time! These swimsuits do their role in hiding those flabs and making sure we still look young, amazing, and sexy!






So, this summer, no matter what your body size, there is no need to stay at home and get bored. It’s time for fun and adventure. It’s a time to bathe under the heat of the sun and get tan. Let’s do just that with these amazing swim wears!

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