Accessories for Mom

May 11. That is the day for this year’s Mother’s Day. That is one of the 365 days in a year dedicated to moms, who have been every child’s own superhero. Thus, on that day, this year, let all children give their moms a simple or extravagant gift. Card, flowers, and calls may be enough, but there is so much out there we can give as gifts for our mom. These gifts, which they can wear everyday, can be symbolisms of our love for them and a reminder that we, their children, are thankful to them.

This year, on May 11, give your moms one of these accessories and let them wear your love everyday.

Pandora multistrand bracelet and charms

Pandora multistrand bracelet and charms

1. PANDORA Multistrand Bracelet. This multistrand bracelet comes with charms that show the world how much we love our moms. This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with this simple yet meaningful bracelet from Pandora. The charms maybe can be personalized according to your liking. Whatever charms you decide to include in this multistrand bracelet, make sure it is enough to symbolize the love you have for your mom. Of course, to make it even sweeter, give her a warm hug and a kiss. If your miles away from your mom, have this Pandora bracelet delivered to her place together with a card. Through the card, tell her how much she means to you and how grateful you are to be her child. Like any other relationship, distance should not be a hindrance in showing one person how much he or she means to you. Thus, on her special day, don’t make distance an excuse. Go the extra mile.

Kendra Scott Morgan stud earring

Kendra Scott Morgan stud earring

2. KENDRA SCOTT Morgan Stud Earrings. This earring has polished, heptagonal facets that enhances the rich vibrant color of statement stone studs. Let every color become meaningful by associating it to a character your mom strongly possess. It doesn’t really matter whether that character is positive or negative. As long as it is one of the characters that define her, then it’s good to go. Remember, knowing your mom’s negative and positive side is another way of telling her you have been paying attention. On mother’s day, use those characters to bring to life the colors that are reflected in this pair of stud earrings. More importantly, tell her mom that despite her flaws and negative side, you are still thankful that she is your mom and not anybody else. Appreciate her — both the good side and the bad. She’d love it anyway.

Kate Spade New York round bracelet watch

Kate Spade New York round bracelet watch

3. KATE SPADE NEW YORK Gramercy Round Bracelet WAtch. Moms are precious. Moms have given all their time for their children. This Mother’s Day, let them know you value your time with her and that you are thankful that she has spent so much time of her lifetime with you. At the same time, if your mom is super busy, let this Kate Spade New York round bracelet watch remind her to slow down and smell the flowers on the sidewalk. Tell her to take the time and nurture herself. Let her know how important time is, especially spending time with family and loved ones. Being a mom is a twenty-four-seven job and a lifetime job as well. Having another real-world job is another addition to the stress. On her special day, tell her to take all the time she needs to rela, unwind, and spend it with special people like you and the rest of the family. Most of all, through this watch, let her know how precious time really is. 🙂


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