Take me Back to the ’90s

The ’90s were a time for great music and great fashion. Thankfully, designers can’t get enough of the 1990s that they actually are trying to bring back the nostalgia that the 90’s brought. Lately, we have noticed that the trends in the fashion industry reflect that of the 1990s, and so, here in RichOutfits, we decided to compile some of the trends that came from the 1990s. 


Overalls — whether in the form of jumpers, jumpsuits, or whatever — have also been a trending style in today’s fashion industry. Denim or cotton or other materials, overalls have been rocking the woman’s industry nowadays!

Chloe and APC overalls

Chloe and APC overalls


Sweatshirts have making the rounds in the fashion industry, whether it by designer companies or designer individuals, sweatshirts are coming back. In the fashion news, it is believed that Calvin Klein Jeans has been in the forefront of this comeback. True enough, other designer brands and labels have followed them. They even have their own versions and styles of the sweatshirts.

Sept2 Givenchy Sweatshirt Sept2 ssweat shirts Sept2 Mary Katrantzou sweatshirt

Combat Boots

Whether you pair them with your shorts, you long dresses, your maxi dress or just anything that fits, combat boots are also a style from the 90s. It is amazing how this bulky not-so-stylish-looking boots have made a comeback, and designers have come up with marvelous ideas that made them a hit — once more!

Combat boots with different styles and outfits

Combat boots with different styles and outfits


Don’t you just love backpacks? Yes! I do. They allow me to bring a lot of things all at once, plus they’re cute! Chanel started it all, and then Rag & Bone’s, Mulberry, and other brands followed suit. Now, backpacks are back in town! Aside from their bigger space, they also look extremely fashionable and trendy. Can’t wait to have one!

LV, Chanel, Prada, Hermes backpacks

LV, Chanel, Prada, Hermes backpacks

The 90s are so back!

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