Thanksgiving SuperSale

Thanksgiving is here! Guess what? Just as we gather with our friends, relatives, and families to give thanks for all that we’ve got this year, both the good and the bad, our favorite designer labels also have decided to have a super sale to thank as for our patronage! What’s even more is that the sale lasts for more than one day. How cool is that?

Check out this article from E! and gather more information about this supersale! It’s an A-Z guid for the Black Friday, which, of course, comes after the Thanksgiving day! Enjoy shopping ladies. Don’t forget to grab some fashionable clothing too for your family and friends!

Here are some sneak peeks!

H&M: Get free shipping on orders over $50 using code 2695. On Friday, the first 100 shoppers at each store will get scratch-off gift cards up to $300.

Rebecca Taylor: 30 percent off sale items online and 30 percent off dresses and sale when you shop in-store.

Macy’s: Shoppers have access to deals in pretty much every section of the store

Check out below for more information on that super sale!

Although the image is just a prediction this year from DealNews, there is actually no harm in checking those brands out and find out what they have instored for you this Thanksgiving and onward.

Remember, brands stated above — Aeropostale, American Eagle, Lands End, L.L. Bean, Jos Bank, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, REI and Backcountry — are just the predictions. I know there will be so many more brands who have announced a Thanksgiving sale! Even online shops, including eBay, Amazon, and more!

Fashion Sale

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Everybody wants to dress up a little bit for Thanksgiving — that time of the year where the whole family and even some relatives and friends gather and have a good time. So, to help you out in making that crucial decision, we have come up with rich and luxurious outfits. These three outfits posted here are a personal choice, but you can scan through Glamour’s Holiday Outfit Ideas: 10 Festive Looks to Wear on Thanksgiving to see more Thanksgiving outfit ideas. You are sure to love them!

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is a great designer. Every time the a new outfit is released, you are sure to be wishing you’ve got the time and, of course, the money to go and grab one instantly. This monochrome outfit is not an exception.

The outfit is made up of a classic and slim pencil skirt and a chunky sweater that allows you to play with your imagination. Since this monochromatic theme gives you a free canvas, you can plau up with the accessories. Accessorize all you want, so to say.

Another idea on where to get your monochrome look: M Missoni Classic Pencil Skirt, Equipment Crewneck Sweater, and Juliet & Company Etoile Necklace.01-olivia-palermo-monochrome

Emma Watson Classic Look

If you wish to make your Thanksgiving more classic, then you would definitely love Emma Watson’s classic look. You only need to remember this simple rule: “Stick to solids in neutral tones, but style a silhouette that consists of a long, chic skirt and a crisp button-down.” Don’t add too much jewelry. Instead, just find that great necklace, and that’s it! You not only look classic but also elegant!

Check out By Malene Birger Tareza Silk-Blend Maxi skirt, White Button-Down Shirt by JCrew, and Pilgrim Gold Torq Necklace.07-emma-watson-classic look

Stand Out in Black

No one goes wrong with black. Even Jennifer Aniston in an all-black wear does us proud. From a simple pleated skirt and a black top to a maxi dress or a layered black leather, you’ll never go wrong with black.

If you wish to sport Jennifer’s black outfit, grab these: Ocaria Heels, Miniskirt With Front Pleat from Zara, and a H&M Jersey Top.17-jennifer-aniston-stand out in black

Thanksgiving is not only a time for a gathering but also a chance for you to show your fashion sense and style! You go, girl 🙂

Already have a Thanksgiving outfit in mind? Share it with us!

Working Wardrobe Basics

Are you unsure on whether you have the right outfit in your wardrobe for work? Do you have fabulous coats and shoes and all the best accessories but don’t know how to mix and match them for your everyday look? If you find yourself in any of the following situation, then it only means one thing: you’ve got have a wardrobe makeover.

Oct1 Guide-to-a-basic-wardrobeHere are ten signs:
1. You take more than the usual 45 minutes in choosing what to wear for work
2. You always think you don’t have anything to wear for work
3. After you get dressed, you think it is enough you get insecure.
4. Upon arriving at work, you wish you wore something different.
5. You always think what others will say about what you are wearing.
6. You have enough clothes and accessories, but you have a hard time matching them.
7. You have pieces of clothing and accessories that you haven’t worn even once.
8. Shopping every time an even pops out is your first solution.
9. You feel what you’re wearing is always inappropriate.
10. You feel that your clothes are too old.

If you feel any of the above, then it is high time you have a wardrobe makeover. Of course, the best option would be to ask advice from a fashion or wardrobe expert. However, if you feel hiring an expert is too much for the pocket, then why not ask your fashion friends and have them help you in revamping your working wardrobe?oct1 whattowearforwork

For starters, buying clothes, accessories, and jewelry from the famous designer brands can help you a lot. If you want to have designer clothes but feel they are much too expensive, then you can resort to online stores that sell designer clothing and accessories for a much lesser price. Brands like Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Guess, Tiffany and Co., Calvin Klein, J Brands, NYDJ, Halogen, and a lot more others are available in online designer stores.

Designer Dresses: ON SALE

With the presence of social media sites, the business of selling dresses has even become bigger. Women in today’s society feel that wearing the same dress their friends have seen online is such a big “no-no”. Unfortunately, not every woman is luxurious enough to buy designer dresses every weekend. Thus, online rental sites were birthed.

Sept1 women in designer wears

However, if you want to own on the dress, you can opt for online stores who sell designer dresses for a cheaper price. There are also hundreds of online stores who are into this kind of business. With them, you are assured that you get the only available item on sale. Most of the time, these online stores that sell designer dresses for less do not have a lot of stocks for their items. Some even have one stock per item only. It seems like a first-come, first-served bases.Sept1 Sonia Rykiel, David Meister, Halston Heritage

These online stores have designer dresses, accessories, shoes, jewelry available. The designers also range. They include, but are not limited to, brands like Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Diane von, Furstenberg, Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik, Michael Kors, Prada, and Tory Burch.

Sept1 Chloe Top, Jimmy Choo, Kenzo Sequin Top

Now, thousands woman are joining the craze, prompting dress hire companies to double supply and provide designer dresses women love to wear for the coming weekend. This is all thanks to the power of social media.

Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Skate Away

Warning: This post is divided into two parts: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate. This is to avoid confusion to the trends and designs by each collection.

Topshop has recently launched their spring/summer 2014 collection. The collection is divided into two: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate.RO_April_Skate Away2

Let’s have a sneak peek first at Skate Away. According to their public release, and I quote:

This skate inspired story provides a fresh antidote to all the Hi-tech sports stories from previous seasons, to create a casual look that is in-line with next summers boyish slouch aesthetic.

From the 70’s West coast of California, to Londons urban skateparks in the 90’s, this exciting subculture has given us casual staples that has continuously evolved into modern day sweats, joggers and boyfriend pants. From the moment Phoebe Philo decreed that Vans Skate shoes were the new seasons Nike Airmax, producing ponyskin and python-topped versions for Celine, – a move that was swiftly covered by printed versions from Stella and Kenzo, we see the obsession with Skate inspired styling infiltrating designer wardrobes, and hi-lights the love of this sub-culture, to make it cool again…. Whilst constantly borrowing from its world, of over-sized hoodies, sweats, and beanies, we see the references here paralleled in the 70’s film, Dogtown, to Erdems over-long flood length slouch pants. Where we see Suzie wearing ‘Fatboy’ Extra-Large skate-shorts, the pre-collections have thrown up Culotte type versions from See by Chloe to Tibi.

The look gets a luxed-up feel with fine-gauge cashmere knits, culotte-type playsuits and new-casual shirt dresses, but always worn back with Old-School inspired trainers or slides. Floral Printed 90’s type Hawaian shirts co-ord with the cropped wide pant, (see Mother of Pearl), and the new boyfriend Tee-Shirt becomes neater and more feminised. The jogger looses its cuff to become flood length. Print direction uses bold Stripes and are mixed with large scale palm-like modern florals, and are placed on sweat-sleeves to create a Trompe-L’oiel play of the Tee-shirt over sweat combo.

Jeans and Western jackets are worn slouchy, along with fuller length playsuits. Striped- topped socks complete the look.The Skate Away collection is perfect if you’re planning to shop for rich outfits to fill your wardrobe for the spring/summer season.RO_April_Skate Away

I definitely would love to have some Skate Away pieces. Even thinking of heading to their store tomorrow and grab a few rich outfits for my summer collection.

Next article: Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Kiss Me Margate

Designer Dresses for Women

I admit that buying dress or a bag or any woman thing as a gift can be spot on or an epic failure.  Not every woman would want to wear a dress. Not every woman would want a girly bag. Not every woman would want what every other woman wants.  However, if you are one of those people who can pull it off, you will be the topic of conversation.  Here are the top 10 designer dresses you can gift as a gift.

Add Gucci’s Rust Embossed Motif Cross Front Dress and this will make every young lady’s heart melt. This is the right gift for women who are not so comfy wearing short dresses or the skimpier ones.

Gucci – Rust Embossed Motif Cross Front Dress

Gucci – Rust Embossed Motif Cross Front Dress

If your love prefers a contemporary look, then your go-to is Marc Jacobs collection.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who is forever young. These two dresses can be a perfect Christmas gift. These sets are not so provocative and thus are perfect for working young professionals.

Marc Jacobs – Sketch Check Crepe De Chine Blouse

Marc Jacobs – Sketch Check Crepe De Chine Blouse


Marc Jacobs – Tweed Two Pocket Jacket

Marc Jacobs – Tweed Two Pocket Jacket

If you opt for something aside from dresses, you can go for Prada totes and bag. Two examples of totes and bags that would I’m sure would win the hearts of women come from the internationally renowened brand Prada. You will never go wrong with this. It could be worn with anything.

Prada – Tote

Prada – Tote


Prada – Cosmetic Pouch

Prada – Cosmetic Pouch

Versace, another brand who has made it mainstream, is another item you can give as a gift – whether it be a skimpy dress or a trouser. If your girl is the sexy kind and loves to wear mini dresses, then the Versace “Wild Patch” Jersey Mini Dress is the way to go. On the other hand, if she prefers the conservative one, you can go for Versace “Wild Patch” trousers.

Versace – “Wild Patch” Jersey Mini Dress

Versace – “Wild Patch” Jersey Mini Dress

Versace – “Wild Patch” Trousers

Versace – “Wild Patch” Trousers

Alexander Wang’s Geyser Tucked and Folded Jean Jacket with Blouson Back is perfect for the cold weather this December, and even for the rest of the winter months. I am sure this would serve as one of the most treasured Christmas gift your woman could possibly receive this Christmas 2013.

Alexander Wang – Geyser Tucked and Folded Jean Jacket With Blouson Back

Alexander Wang – Geyser Tucked and Folded Jean Jacket With Blouson Back

Alexander Wang – Geyser Tucked and Folded Jean Jacket With Blouson front

Alexander Wang – Geyser Tucked and Folded Jean Jacket With Blouson front

Kate Spade Fever

A woman can never go wrong with Kate Spade.  Kate Spade’s blouses, dresses and other women wears possess style that every woman can be boastful of.  I love Kate Spade because of the price and the range in sizes available.   Kate Spade offers ready-to-wear fashion to accommodate both small-framed and large-framed bodies.  It is perfect for every kind of woman ion the planet.

La Blanca ‘Milano’ Colorblock Bandeau

La Blanca ‘Milano’ Colorblock Bandeau

Who says not all women can wear bandeaus? With Kate Spade, bandeaus is designed for different women with sizes ranging from small, medium, large, etc. You can even have it customized to your body frame to give it a personal touch!

Kate Spade – Lorelle Top 

Kate Spade – Lorelle Top

This lorelle top is perfect for working women who don’t want to look too classy and at the same time don’t like to be left behind and be labeled as tasteless and unfashionable.

Kate Spade – Naudia Dress

Kate Spade – Naudia Dress

Of course, there’s the naudia dress that  would eventually look good on corporate women who would like to impress not just their clients but also their colleagues. Indeed, Kate Spade is a must-have and every woman should take advantage of its low price and its wide range of color, sizes, and design! You’ll never go wrong with Kate Spade! If only I had enough luxury of my own, I would surely grab all these three and make myself happy!