Fashion Resolutions




2014 has come to an end; another year is here. As we welcome the year, let us welcome it with our hopes of better future, not only  for ourselves but also for other people. Of course, as we start the year, let us also take note of the things we want to change and the things we need to change — even fashion-wise.

Therefore, before we officially start this year, let us make our own fashion resolutions:

In Refinery 29, the author mentioned 8 style resolutions we have to make right now. My favorite among the eight mentioned resolutions are given below. These are excerpts from the article published, and all copyrights belong to the author of the article from Refinery 29:

1. Stay weird. Speaking of your dream item, what does it look like? Is it a neutral color or something unique and quirky? Whatever your response, we encourage you to keep it unexpected. Don’t be afraid to pick a polka dot over a solid, choose the overly oversized instead of a fitted cut, or wear a piece that’s truly statement-making. Let your fashion freak flag fly this year — and all the rest!

2. Value your basic. Whether it’s the main fixture of your wardrobe or simply plays a supporting role, the basics are important. Resolve to replace any gray T-shirts, black jeans, or white low-top sneakers that you’ve worn to bits. Replace them with basics that can stand up to months or years of wear. Since these are the kind of items you buy regularly — though, hopefully, not too often — look for ethically made brands, such as Everlane, Zady, and Cuyana.

3. Put care in the storage. We know how easy it is to let clothes pile up as the week goes on. Monday’s silk shirts are crumpled with Wednesday’s jeans, and jackets hang on every available edge. But, that’s no way to treat the clothes you worked so hard to purchase! Make it a point to store everything properly. Invest in sturdy hangers, extra drawers, and a shoe rack — whatever will keep your wardrobe space organized and your clothes in the best possible condition.

This also means finding a proper storage place for out-of-season clothing. Pack up whatever you’re not currently wearing in a dry, cool space.

Here, I have stated my favorites (and may be my own fashion resolutions) as I approach another year. What’s your favorite and why? Tell us in the comment section below!

Working Wardrobe Basics

Are you unsure on whether you have the right outfit in your wardrobe for work? Do you have fabulous coats and shoes and all the best accessories but don’t know how to mix and match them for your everyday look? If you find yourself in any of the following situation, then it only means one thing: you’ve got have a wardrobe makeover.

Oct1 Guide-to-a-basic-wardrobeHere are ten signs:
1. You take more than the usual 45 minutes in choosing what to wear for work
2. You always think you don’t have anything to wear for work
3. After you get dressed, you think it is enough you get insecure.
4. Upon arriving at work, you wish you wore something different.
5. You always think what others will say about what you are wearing.
6. You have enough clothes and accessories, but you have a hard time matching them.
7. You have pieces of clothing and accessories that you haven’t worn even once.
8. Shopping every time an even pops out is your first solution.
9. You feel what you’re wearing is always inappropriate.
10. You feel that your clothes are too old.

If you feel any of the above, then it is high time you have a wardrobe makeover. Of course, the best option would be to ask advice from a fashion or wardrobe expert. However, if you feel hiring an expert is too much for the pocket, then why not ask your fashion friends and have them help you in revamping your working wardrobe?oct1 whattowearforwork

For starters, buying clothes, accessories, and jewelry from the famous designer brands can help you a lot. If you want to have designer clothes but feel they are much too expensive, then you can resort to online stores that sell designer clothing and accessories for a much lesser price. Brands like Chanel, Prada, Hermes, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Burberry, Guess, Tiffany and Co., Calvin Klein, J Brands, NYDJ, Halogen, and a lot more others are available in online designer stores.

How to Look Like a Star (Makeup Tips)

Having a wardrobe filled with rich outfit and designer sets is not enough to make you look like a star. You have to put extra effort on your face to, and that’s when makeup comes in. When you wish to look like a star, you don’t just grab designer clothing and follow the trends; you also have to be careful with what you put on your face. You have to master the art of makeup and learn the dos and don’ts of makeup artistry. Thus, to help you on your journey towards stardom – or at least looking like one – here are five tips for you – makeup-wise.

1AugustBeautyBrands1. First and foremost, remember that your skin is the most important part of your body as it is the one directly and first seen by the naked eye. Remember that no amount of makeup can give you a perfect skin or can hide that imperfection. However, we can minimize these imperfections by exfoliating it with a toner. You can’t apply makeup to a dry, rash skin.
2. Next step would be the application of moisturizer. Using your foundation brush, apply a ample amount of foundation. It is advisable that you use a foundation brush as this gives you a level of consistency and leaves have a more creamy, sheerer application.
3. Third is to apply eye cream. No one is too old for eye creams.
4. Fourth, apply something that would make your skin look warn. Contouring the face in skin-tone colors for added warmth is advisable.
5. Most importantly, when it comes to the application of makeup, there is only one thing you have to keep in mind: blend. Make sure your makeup cololrs blend with each other and complement your outfit. No amount of makeup is beautiful enough if it doesn’t complement your outfit. Makeup is supposed to complete your look, thus knowing how to blend should be your priority.

For starters, you can check out brands like MAC, Chanel, Burberry, and others for your makeup starters’ kits. Also, the next time you buy an outfit, think of a makeup look that would complement it. If you must, then buy makeup kits that would match the newly bought items. This would ensure that you would have the best look for the occasion, whatever it may be.

Other brands include A Dozen Roses, Abba, Acqua Di Parma, Britney Spears, Broadway Nails, Chantecaille, ChapStick, Maybelline, Matrix and more. Check out the photos for this article (above and below) for more makeup brands.1AugustBeautyBrands1

Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Kiss Me Margate

Topshop has recently launched their spring/summer 2014 collection. The collection is divided into two: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate.

RO_April_Kiss Me Margate4

For their Kiss Me margate collection:

A celebration of seaside days gone by, of endless summers & quirky picture postcards, a mood epitomized by Tracey Emin’s infamous artwork “For a dirty weekend come to Margate”. A true girly story, offset with a beatnik/tomboy undertone. Kitsch 50’s seaside cafe prints, accompanied by laundry bag checks & deckchair stripes, presented on heavier bases of linens, hessians & canvas’s. Silhouettes make a nod to the sixties with A-Line shift dresses, cropped blouses & the modern ‘ankle grazer’.RO_April_Kiss Me Margate3

Clean denim jackets & high waisted jeans worn with a knotted gingham shirt; cater for that more androgynous look. Co-ord dressing is still key for the season, pretty embellished knits teamed with high-waisted pencil skirts, conversational sweats worn with matching shorts. One colour dressing is also strong & is a key look to this trend: a full 50’s flippy, with a button- through blouse. Textures, textures, textures! (Across all departments) Checks printed onto cotton piques, hessian deckchair stripes, compact 3D knits & heavy, coloured vinyls.

RO_April_Kiss Me Margate2

It’s no wonder Topshop is so popular with ladies — it offer a wide range of designs that will have you wanting for more. There’s so much to love about Topshop!

Uggggh! I can’t wait to get hold of some items from their two collections. It’s just something a lady should have for the season.

Any plans of going shopping yet?

Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Skate Away

Warning: This post is divided into two parts: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate. This is to avoid confusion to the trends and designs by each collection.

Topshop has recently launched their spring/summer 2014 collection. The collection is divided into two: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate.RO_April_Skate Away2

Let’s have a sneak peek first at Skate Away. According to their public release, and I quote:

This skate inspired story provides a fresh antidote to all the Hi-tech sports stories from previous seasons, to create a casual look that is in-line with next summers boyish slouch aesthetic.

From the 70’s West coast of California, to Londons urban skateparks in the 90’s, this exciting subculture has given us casual staples that has continuously evolved into modern day sweats, joggers and boyfriend pants. From the moment Phoebe Philo decreed that Vans Skate shoes were the new seasons Nike Airmax, producing ponyskin and python-topped versions for Celine, – a move that was swiftly covered by printed versions from Stella and Kenzo, we see the obsession with Skate inspired styling infiltrating designer wardrobes, and hi-lights the love of this sub-culture, to make it cool again…. Whilst constantly borrowing from its world, of over-sized hoodies, sweats, and beanies, we see the references here paralleled in the 70’s film, Dogtown, to Erdems over-long flood length slouch pants. Where we see Suzie wearing ‘Fatboy’ Extra-Large skate-shorts, the pre-collections have thrown up Culotte type versions from See by Chloe to Tibi.

The look gets a luxed-up feel with fine-gauge cashmere knits, culotte-type playsuits and new-casual shirt dresses, but always worn back with Old-School inspired trainers or slides. Floral Printed 90’s type Hawaian shirts co-ord with the cropped wide pant, (see Mother of Pearl), and the new boyfriend Tee-Shirt becomes neater and more feminised. The jogger looses its cuff to become flood length. Print direction uses bold Stripes and are mixed with large scale palm-like modern florals, and are placed on sweat-sleeves to create a Trompe-L’oiel play of the Tee-shirt over sweat combo.

Jeans and Western jackets are worn slouchy, along with fuller length playsuits. Striped- topped socks complete the look.The Skate Away collection is perfect if you’re planning to shop for rich outfits to fill your wardrobe for the spring/summer season.RO_April_Skate Away

I definitely would love to have some Skate Away pieces. Even thinking of heading to their store tomorrow and grab a few rich outfits for my summer collection.

Next article: Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Kiss Me Margate

The Art of Giving

Flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, and others for Valentines? Too overrated. In this practical world we live in, women, I bet, would rather go for things that are useful — things that do not wither, do not ran out, or are not just for displays. The best things in life are of course free! But, hey! It’s Valentine’s! Gift a little effort, dude!

Here are 2014’s February givable items for your woman, your girlfriend, your wife, or your girl friends.

M&S Rosie for Autograph lingerie

M&S Rosie for Autograph lingerie

This lingerie is a perfect gift for your wife or maybe a girlfriend for long now. or maybe your live-in partner. This lingerie adds a kick to their sexiness. It’s an added oomph factor for you and your partner. And it’s gonna be a night to remember once she wears this.

Oasis Pink Coat

Oasis Pink Coat

Is your girl a corporate kind? Then, this will let her stand out in the corporate world! Plus, keeps her warm during the cold days or on days when you’re not around to give her that warm tight hug.

Zara shoes

Zara shoes

Zara shoes. Enough said. No need for explanations. It’s Zara shoes. No woman would argue or complain. It’s Zara. It’s shoes.

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

Another sexy night to remember…

Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil

Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil

Nothing beats a woman who smells so fresh and rosy. You would want your woman to smell just like that. Give her this. She’ll appreciate it.

January Fashion Insights

Let us welcome the new year with insights on how the fashion world and trend will go about.

Here are three fashion insights that would surely hit the runways come 2014. Watch out and be amazed by these marvelous collections from different designer brands worldwide!

Textured and Embellished

RO_Jan_EmbellishedTemperley, Matthew Williamson and Barbara Bui will make a name this 2014. As seen in this photo, dresses long and short will be textured, and some would have embellishments all over them. They would be designed to fit the body, making an emphasis on the woman’s curves.

Moody Blooms

RO_Jan_Moody BloomsOf course, the floral trend isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, this pretty pattern is taking on an even more pronounced form when Spring ’14 hits the waves. Most designers are going to take into this wave and make the most out of it. Givenchy, in particular, has infused his fall collection with moody blooms. Floral everywhere in 2014! It’s going to be a flowery year for all!

Shorts Are the New Skirts

RO_Jan_Short_Tommy_HilfigerShorts became the new skirt, if you haven’t noticed it yet. Tommy Hilfiger and Clover Canyon, for example, have produced hundreds of short designs. Chloe to JW Anderson, Rebecca Minkoff and Cacharel are also on the go, following this short-is-the-new-skirt trend for 2014. So, do not be left behind! Grab your shorts too now and be part of the trending fashion galore for 2014.

Disclaimer: Photos are not of the author of this blog. They are taken from different sources.