Black is Back

Black really never lost its prestige. From centuries ago to centuries in the future, black will always be a constant in the fashion world. Here, I present to you an outfit set that is black-inspired and totally will rock your day! You will be turning heads and will be the talk of the town.


1. Accessories. The accessories not only compliment the outfit but also adds a shimmer to your beauty, adding an emphasis to your face and bare skin.


This pair of diamond stud earrings is composed of a 14-karat white gold and a 0.88-carat total weight round diamond stud. It has a screw back closure to ensure it is securely lock. It also minimizes the possibility of falling from your ears and from being snatched easily.


This 14-karat yellow gold Suzanne Kalan black diamond cluster necklace with prong setting and spring ring closure has been appraised and inspected by certified gemologist to make sure you get an authentic gem in a necklace. The chain is 16 inches, while the stone is 0.25 inch with a 0.25 width. This is a perfect accessory for your all-black outfit for an evening date or a dinner with family or a special gathering just around town.

2. Shoes

ALAÏA FLATSBlack Alaïa suede flats has a bow details at part, acting as a touch in a rather boring black shoes. The measurement of the heels for this pair of flats is just one inch; meaning,  it is not an an additional burden. Furthermore, you can use this flat shoes for work or with other outfits.


Brown Yves Saint Laurent leather Muse bag is the last item for the black collection you are adding on your rich outfit list. It is best for women who do not bring with them their whole closet and makeup kits — kidding. Seriously, this bag is perfect for the outfit and has enough storage for all your important things — especially the retouch makeup kit 🙂

4. Dress

Finally, the dress.  This black Burberry short sleeve dress comes with dual front pockets, ruching at skirt, removable belt, plus an exposed double breasted button closure at the front. This dress completes our featured outfit for the day (as shown in topmost photo).

Oh, women. How lovely it is to be gifted with these adorable black items.

Give Lotsa Love this Month

Valentine’s Day is peeking around the corner, calling every man’s name and telling them to get their special someone a surprise gift she would never forget. On the other side of the door, Valentine’s Day is also whispering every woman’s name, luring them to buy themselves something new this special day – a love yourself gift, per se.

Whether you are a man or a woman and whether you are planning to buy a gift for someone or for yourself, consider the following Chanel and Louboutin items for your gift. Flowers are too cliché. Plus they wither with time. These, on the contrary, would last you until the next or two Valentine’s Day. It’s time to think practical.

Chanel – Flap Bag in Calfskin with Handles and Chain Shoulder Strap

Chanel – Flap Bag in Calfskin with Handles and Chain Shoulder Strap

Chanel, one of the world’s leading fashion brands, has come up with a flap bag in calfskin with handles and chain shoulder strap. Why this is a perfect gift? It is a staple. Women can use it everyday. Plus the color makes it fit any outfit. Your rich anyway, go grab one!

Chanel – Earrings in Metal and Enamel Embellished With a Glass Pearl

Chanel – Earrings in Metal and Enamel Embellished With a Glass Pearl

No, I am not promoting Chanel alone. Yes, I love the brand. AND I LOVE THESE EARRINGS! Look at them; they are just so spectacular to look at. Simple yet not simple. You know – like women, these earrings are so complicated, but still a must-have.

Chanel – Long Metal Necklace Embellished with Glass Pearls

Chanel – Long Metal Necklace Embellished with Glass Pearls

Or.. if you don’t like earrings, why not consider this long metal necklace? Still elegant to look at and perfect for night galas – or your dinner date!

Louboutin – Lamu 120 mm Blue Khol

Louboutin – Lamu 120 mm Blue Khol

My eyes are shouting shooooooooooes! Why do women love shoes so much? We are so willing to give up a few meals just to be able to afford the shoes of our dreams – no, just to afford every shoe we see as we walk towards our office or on our way back home via another road. Gahhhhh! This pair is heaven. I would marry someone who gives me this – oaky, not marry. Shooooooeeeeeees!