Fall Must-Haves (Not Too Late)

fall must have items1. Black heel boots: EVERY WOMAN LOVES A PAIR OF BLACK BOOTS. There I said it. To be honest, black booties are not a fall-only thing. In fact, it is a fashion necessity, so to speak. It can be worn at any season of the year, for as long as you’ve got your imagination wander as regards your fashion style. Just remember one thing: If you already have some pairs of boots in your closet, then give it away — it’s time for some upgrade. If not, then keep it — the more, the merrier.

2. J Crew statement jewelry: As they say, it’s all about the statements baby. Guess what? Jewelry are a good to make a statement or emphasize one. Sport a simple look. Add some jewelry. Boom! You’ve got it right. You’ve just made a statement. The more kinds of jewelry, the more statements you can make. Therefore, have some varied jewelry ready for your everyday look.

3. Elie Saab print blouse: Why have some printed blouses on fall? Simple, it’s crisp and clean and speaks a lot of fun. What’s amazing with this Elie Saab printed blouse is that it can act as a layering piece or you can wear it as is. So, for fall, you can wear it as is. On winter, you can add a tank underneath it or add a sweater above it. See? It’s a win-win situation. You won’t have regrets.

4. Balmain pleated faux leather skirt: Play with some leather. Unlike ages ago, leather has since upgraded and it has done some good on women’s fashion life. This Balmain faux leather skirt is great for work or a night out. Here’s the trick: pair it with tights on work and remove the tights afterwards on your way to a girls’ night out. Sounds good, yes?

5. Whistles pink coat fun fur: Add some style to your coat. Make it furry. Nothing says glamour quite like fur. Let them know how fashionable you could be anytime of the year.

There you have it: five must-haves for the fall (that can be used in all other seasons of the year).

Shining Looks


We all want to shine bright like a diamond! However, in the fashion world, shining bright like a diamond seems to be taken too literally, thus the production of shiny fashion items that ranges from clothing to jewelry and accessories.

To give you a glimpse of some of these beautiful shining looks, we enumerate a few items we have found online that range from tops, shoes, and jewelry. Making them part of your rich outfit sets will surely make you shine bright – even brighter than a diamond.

2JulyMiuMiuPumps1. Miu Miu — Gold Miu Miu leather platform pumps with allover glitter and covered heels. This pair of pumps is covered in glitters that would make head turns as you walk on by. This pair of golden glittery pumps is best paired with plain mini dresses or dresses that also give a hint of shine.

2JulyChopardHappyDiamonds2. Chopard – This 18K white gold Happy Diamonds chain link necklace comes with floating diamond pendants in the form of an elephant, teddy bear and clown. To add more to that, it also comes with a lobster claw closure which ensure its safety when worn. You don’t have to worry about it falling anytime.

2JulyMarcJacobsGlitterDress3. Marc Jacobs – Are you heading out for an elegant event? Do you want to wear something elegant but not too loud? If yes, then the black Marc Jacobs sleeveless dress is right for you. It comes with a silver-tone metallic thread woven throughout, a sash belt and side zip closure. This dress can be worn together with a pair of high-heeled shoes in black color to. However, if you wish to wear something more than that, try pairing it up with Miu Miu gold leather platform pumps and see if you’ll like the outcome.

2JulyMichaelKorsGlitterScarf4. Michael Kors – Michael Kors has come up with their version of glittery items too! This gold scarf with glitter accents throughout would surely complete your night-out outfit. What’s more is that this scarf can be paired with almost anything plain and simple.

2JulyArtDecoDiamond5. Another item you might want to include in your rich outfit glittery collection is this platinum art deco mixed shape sapphire and diamond ring. The stone is just so big, it can’t be missed. Wear this along with your casual to semiformal wear. If you wish, wear it together with your Chopard necklace.

It’s time to shine bright like a diamond! Happy glittery day!

Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Kiss Me Margate

Topshop has recently launched their spring/summer 2014 collection. The collection is divided into two: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate.

RO_April_Kiss Me Margate4

For their Kiss Me margate collection:

A celebration of seaside days gone by, of endless summers & quirky picture postcards, a mood epitomized by Tracey Emin’s infamous artwork “For a dirty weekend come to Margate”. A true girly story, offset with a beatnik/tomboy undertone. Kitsch 50’s seaside cafe prints, accompanied by laundry bag checks & deckchair stripes, presented on heavier bases of linens, hessians & canvas’s. Silhouettes make a nod to the sixties with A-Line shift dresses, cropped blouses & the modern ‘ankle grazer’.RO_April_Kiss Me Margate3

Clean denim jackets & high waisted jeans worn with a knotted gingham shirt; cater for that more androgynous look. Co-ord dressing is still key for the season, pretty embellished knits teamed with high-waisted pencil skirts, conversational sweats worn with matching shorts. One colour dressing is also strong & is a key look to this trend: a full 50’s flippy, with a button- through blouse. Textures, textures, textures! (Across all departments) Checks printed onto cotton piques, hessian deckchair stripes, compact 3D knits & heavy, coloured vinyls.

RO_April_Kiss Me Margate2

It’s no wonder Topshop is so popular with ladies — it offer a wide range of designs that will have you wanting for more. There’s so much to love about Topshop!

Uggggh! I can’t wait to get hold of some items from their two collections. It’s just something a lady should have for the season.

Any plans of going shopping yet?

Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Skate Away

Warning: This post is divided into two parts: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate. This is to avoid confusion to the trends and designs by each collection.

Topshop has recently launched their spring/summer 2014 collection. The collection is divided into two: Skate Away and Kiss Me Margate.RO_April_Skate Away2

Let’s have a sneak peek first at Skate Away. According to their public release, and I quote:

This skate inspired story provides a fresh antidote to all the Hi-tech sports stories from previous seasons, to create a casual look that is in-line with next summers boyish slouch aesthetic.

From the 70’s West coast of California, to Londons urban skateparks in the 90’s, this exciting subculture has given us casual staples that has continuously evolved into modern day sweats, joggers and boyfriend pants. From the moment Phoebe Philo decreed that Vans Skate shoes were the new seasons Nike Airmax, producing ponyskin and python-topped versions for Celine, – a move that was swiftly covered by printed versions from Stella and Kenzo, we see the obsession with Skate inspired styling infiltrating designer wardrobes, and hi-lights the love of this sub-culture, to make it cool again…. Whilst constantly borrowing from its world, of over-sized hoodies, sweats, and beanies, we see the references here paralleled in the 70’s film, Dogtown, to Erdems over-long flood length slouch pants. Where we see Suzie wearing ‘Fatboy’ Extra-Large skate-shorts, the pre-collections have thrown up Culotte type versions from See by Chloe to Tibi.

The look gets a luxed-up feel with fine-gauge cashmere knits, culotte-type playsuits and new-casual shirt dresses, but always worn back with Old-School inspired trainers or slides. Floral Printed 90’s type Hawaian shirts co-ord with the cropped wide pant, (see Mother of Pearl), and the new boyfriend Tee-Shirt becomes neater and more feminised. The jogger looses its cuff to become flood length. Print direction uses bold Stripes and are mixed with large scale palm-like modern florals, and are placed on sweat-sleeves to create a Trompe-L’oiel play of the Tee-shirt over sweat combo.

Jeans and Western jackets are worn slouchy, along with fuller length playsuits. Striped- topped socks complete the look.The Skate Away collection is perfect if you’re planning to shop for rich outfits to fill your wardrobe for the spring/summer season.RO_April_Skate Away

I definitely would love to have some Skate Away pieces. Even thinking of heading to their store tomorrow and grab a few rich outfits for my summer collection.

Next article: Topshop Spring/Summer 2014: Kiss Me Margate

The Art of Giving

Flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, and others for Valentines? Too overrated. In this practical world we live in, women, I bet, would rather go for things that are useful — things that do not wither, do not ran out, or are not just for displays. The best things in life are of course free! But, hey! It’s Valentine’s! Gift a little effort, dude!

Here are 2014’s February givable items for your woman, your girlfriend, your wife, or your girl friends.

M&S Rosie for Autograph lingerie

M&S Rosie for Autograph lingerie

This lingerie is a perfect gift for your wife or maybe a girlfriend for long now. or maybe your live-in partner. This lingerie adds a kick to their sexiness. It’s an added oomph factor for you and your partner. And it’s gonna be a night to remember once she wears this.

Oasis Pink Coat

Oasis Pink Coat

Is your girl a corporate kind? Then, this will let her stand out in the corporate world! Plus, keeps her warm during the cold days or on days when you’re not around to give her that warm tight hug.

Zara shoes

Zara shoes

Zara shoes. Enough said. No need for explanations. It’s Zara shoes. No woman would argue or complain. It’s Zara. It’s shoes.

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

Another sexy night to remember…

Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil

Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil

Nothing beats a woman who smells so fresh and rosy. You would want your woman to smell just like that. Give her this. She’ll appreciate it.

Give Lotsa Love this Month

Valentine’s Day is peeking around the corner, calling every man’s name and telling them to get their special someone a surprise gift she would never forget. On the other side of the door, Valentine’s Day is also whispering every woman’s name, luring them to buy themselves something new this special day – a love yourself gift, per se.

Whether you are a man or a woman and whether you are planning to buy a gift for someone or for yourself, consider the following Chanel and Louboutin items for your gift. Flowers are too cliché. Plus they wither with time. These, on the contrary, would last you until the next or two Valentine’s Day. It’s time to think practical.

Chanel – Flap Bag in Calfskin with Handles and Chain Shoulder Strap

Chanel – Flap Bag in Calfskin with Handles and Chain Shoulder Strap

Chanel, one of the world’s leading fashion brands, has come up with a flap bag in calfskin with handles and chain shoulder strap. Why this is a perfect gift? It is a staple. Women can use it everyday. Plus the color makes it fit any outfit. Your rich anyway, go grab one!

Chanel – Earrings in Metal and Enamel Embellished With a Glass Pearl

Chanel – Earrings in Metal and Enamel Embellished With a Glass Pearl

No, I am not promoting Chanel alone. Yes, I love the brand. AND I LOVE THESE EARRINGS! Look at them; they are just so spectacular to look at. Simple yet not simple. You know – like women, these earrings are so complicated, but still a must-have.

Chanel – Long Metal Necklace Embellished with Glass Pearls

Chanel – Long Metal Necklace Embellished with Glass Pearls

Or.. if you don’t like earrings, why not consider this long metal necklace? Still elegant to look at and perfect for night galas – or your dinner date!

Louboutin – Lamu 120 mm Blue Khol

Louboutin – Lamu 120 mm Blue Khol

My eyes are shouting shooooooooooes! Why do women love shoes so much? We are so willing to give up a few meals just to be able to afford the shoes of our dreams – no, just to afford every shoe we see as we walk towards our office or on our way back home via another road. Gahhhhh! This pair is heaven. I would marry someone who gives me this – oaky, not marry. Shooooooeeeeeees!

Wealthy Sets and Rich Outfits, plus Your Personality Equals: Art and Fashion Redefined

Trendy and fashionable designer clothes are the results of imaginative minds coupled with technology and the ever-changing fashion statements. These clothes, no matter if they are for men, women, kids, or teens, make one look dashing, elegant, stylish, and presentable. Plus, these clothes also reveal their personalities and boost their confidence levels. It also unleashes their artistic selves.

It is undeniable that every single person in this planet has their own style, taste, and choice when it comes to garments. This may be influenced by their personality. There are those who like to wear all black and represent their gothic self and/or dark personality, while there are those who wish to wear floral dresses and high-heeled sandals and stilettos to reflect their feminine side. There are also those who like to wear clothes that belong to the top-of-the-line brands even when just going out for a walk, and there are those who like to wear simple, clean, and non-branded clothes wherever they go.

Whatever choices each person may make as regards their clothing – whether designer clothes or not – it is advisable and even recommended that they have a set or two outfits in their wardrobe that could best speak for them. It is further recommended that these sets and outfits should be expensive outfits or wealthy sets, so they can last longer and can be used for different occasions. Plus you investing money on these expensive outfits and wealthy sets means you are taking extra care of the clothing.

There are other advantages, too, with choosing to buy designer outfits.

  1. They convey unique styles that could really make a statement for you and at the same time attract the attention of the people.
  2. It makes you feel more confident and special knowing that you have an exclusive outfit.
  3. It determines your status as well as your taste for designer clothing and fashion, especially when in a social gathering.
  4. It lets you “dress to impress.”
  5. It uplifts your spirit and puts you in a good mood all day long.

It is through the designer clothing, that is, wealthy sets and exclusive outfits that you can combine art and fashion. How is that so?

With designer clothing, you have the option to choose the following fabric, design, and pattern. Meaning, you can personalize your garments based on your artistic imagination.

You can add sequins and crystals if you wish, making your exclusive outfit even more exclusive. You can have it cut in a different manner or adjust it to a rather different style to complement the available jewelries and accessories you have.

Another, and maybe the best, advantage with designer clothes is that you don’t have to worry about someone having the exact same dress as you do as their garments are manufactured in small numbers.

Thus, if you are an artistic kind of person, then designer clothes are for you as you can combine art and fashion, resulting in a sophisticated and unique masterpiece – your exclusive outfit and/or wealthy set!